Since 2012

After Travelling all over the world and visiting some of the best hostels around the globe, we decided that Hawaii should have a place for travellers to join together for adventures, late night tacos, drunken beach parties and memories that will never be forgotten. Taking inspiration from hostels in Europe and Asia, we pride ourselves in creating a home away from home for the solo backpacker.

There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't met yet.


Our Standard

1. Cleanliness.
When it comes to cleanliness we mean business. Our wonderful full time cleaning team are on hand to ensure that dorms, privates and common areas are maintained and kept clean. Because cleanliness is cool, right?
2. Vibez.
From our music, to our staff, to our rooftop, we're constantly looking for ways to ensure we provide the best possible vibes for all of our hostel guests that rock up.
3. Inclusiveness.
From solo travellers to groups, we like to keep everyone involved through our exclusive group chat, arranged tours, weekly get togethers at our Cafe and Wine Bar!
4. Open Minded
We know our hostel rocks, but we're always looking for ways to improve and new ways to keep up with the kids. We read your reviews on the daily, as well as love listening to the comments our guests have to say!