One of the highlights here at the hostel is our tours! We offer shuttles to various destinations everyday for our checked-in guests. The schedule and destination changes from time to time so please bare that in mind and we'll try our best to have the most updated info below.
1. Monday.
Monday : Olomana "3 Peaks" Hikes & Tantalus Lookout point (11 spots available) 9am - 4pm
2. Tuesday & Saturday
Tuesday : North shore tour: Stops at the most popular beaches of the North shore. (11 spots available) 9am - 6pm
3. Wednesday
Wednesday: Catamaran Boat Booze Cruize w/live DJ (24 spots)
4. Thursday.
Thursday : Koko head Crater hike 7 Makapuu lighthouse trail and hidden tide pools (11 spots)
6. Sunday.
Sunday : Pearl Harbor (11 spots available) 7am - 11am.